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Author: Benoit Dumas

Update processor on a laptop

In a previous project, I used an old laptop motherboard as a central piece for my all in one touch computer.  Last week I received a new CPU that I will install in it to refresh it a little bit.Because the laptop is from 2007, the components are a little bit dated and the system (Windows 8) is a little bit slow. Because the technology is a bit behind, I managed to score a top of the line CPU on Aliexpress for 25$, going from a Core 2 T5250 (1.5Ghz) to a Core 2 T9300 (2.5Ghz). Here’s the short project log on how I did it.

How-to: Add WiFi to your coffee machine, part 1

I added WiFi to my coffee machine, and I control it with my home automation server Domoticz, this part is about the concept and my plan.

A couple of days ago, I setup a Domoticz home automation server at my place, this will allow me to control lots of elements in my apartment and make my life easier. With this system, it is easy to add simple devices such as plugs or lights, but I was looking for something more challenging to automate.

How about my coffee machine?